Clinical Information for GPS

Referral Guidelines For General Practitioners For Breast Diseases


  • Any new lump that is discrete
  • A new lump (aka dominant lump) in an area of known nodularity
  • Asymmetrical nodularity that persists after a complete menstrual cycle
  • Abscess persisting or recurring after a single course of antibiotics
  • Lymph nodes in the axilla or supraclavicular fossa


  • Pain associated with a lump
  • Persistent pain not responding to reassurance, simple measures such as well fitting bra, evening primrose oil
  • Persistent unilateral pain in a postmenopausal woman

Nipple discharge

  • Blood stained nipple discharge at any age
  • Persistent discharge of any colour from a single duct
  • Persistent bilateral nipple discharge

Nipple retraction, distortion, eczema

  • Of recent onset
  • Associated with a lump

Skin changes

  • Dimpling
  • Peau de orange
  • Ulceration